bump camouflage


So, I'm currently at 19 weeks pregnant (so that's like just over 4 months if you're not up on pregnancy speak), and I have a small bump, but I really don't look pregnant yet - which is actually driving me crazy! Because it means that instead of getting to showcase a cute little bump, I'm constantly trying to camouflage my half bump, which is basically just the lower belly, so I look like I just ate way too much pizza or something. It's a real challenge for me because I can't fit in a lot of my pants, but a lot of the loose dresses aren't terribly flattering at the moment because when the wind blows you can really see the half bump situation. So, I've been focusing mostly on more oversized and structured pieces. I'm looking forward to also wearing more sweaters and jackets soon! Hopefully though the bump will pop in the next few weeks so it can make it's style debut - especially because I have some awesome pregnancy wear lined up!! 

Anyways, these are a few of the outfits that I've been wearing lately - enjoy!


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