summer beauty buys

I think these products are great all year round actually, but lets just say they're extra important for summer. It's always good to switch it up once in awhile to make you feel fresh, no?! And I think I might be weird, but I try to buy only products with beautiful packaging, because I'm trying to only have things in my space that I really love. Packaging matters guys! I'm a designer so I just can't help it.

So, I normally wear my hair straight, but when it's humid, there's no way it's staying straight, so a good wave spray is a great way to keep it looking like I meant to have wavy hair, and not like it was straight but now it's a frizzy mess. I like this wavy hair spray from Ouai

This mist from Oak + Fort Beauty is great too because it really wakes up the skin when you're feeling a little oily or blah midday. It will also wake you up when you get that cold spray on your face. Who needs coffee when you've got mist!? 

Also, this Matcha lip balm is my current fave because it is actually the best lip balm I've tried. It really keeps my lips so moisturized all day, especially since I rarely wear lipstick. (Also this packaging was designed by me!)

I thought this mask was kind of appropriate because it's from Summer Fridays...and summer Friday is what we all want everyday, no? I like that it has an exfoliant in it and helps my skin to feel refreshed for sure. 

Love this Chanel illuminating powder too because it gives a really pretty glow to the skin, perfect for highlighting your summer tan!





Oct 28, 2019


Oct 28, 2019


Oct 28, 2019



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