the short set

I'm obsessed with matching short sets right now. They're not only chic, but super easy for getting dressed in the heat. Also, they make perfect sense for mom life. Chronic lack of sleep anyone? I'm so tired that getting dressed needs to be as easy as possible right now, and I don't want to be thinking hard about what to wear. It needs to be easy! Also I'm going through a divorce right now so there's all the added pressure and stress of moving and dealing with all of the legal and logistics, in addition to the emotional trauma of it all of course. So basically I'm saying that I'm stressed out and lazy as f&ck right now so I don't feel like getting dressed, and short sets make it easy. Cool? Don't judge me. 

white short set tkees / striped short set deiji studios


Aug 05, 2020


Aug 05, 2020



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