my process

Wondering how all this comes to be? Well here it is!

I have worked as a graphic designer for years, but I am actually new to brush lettering - I just had this crazy yearning to paint, so one day I just picked up a paint brush and haven't stopped painting since!

It may seem easy from looking at the final products, but generally it takes more than a few tries to get the lettering to look the way I want it. Each word is so different, and each phrase requires a different style or layout. Usually I write the phrase or word out with pencil first and then paint it. Often it takes many tries to get it right, and sometimes it only takes a couple. I am constantly ending up with mountains of paper. Giant mountains of paper! And then my little man tries to pull them all off the table and make even more of a mess. It's pretty much pandemonium around here. And then once I paint something that I'm happy with, I then either scan it or photograph it so than it can be digitized and turn it into the final design.

Voila! There it is. Very exciting, I know.

I took a few photos of some of my craziness - so enjoy!





I love this time of year! It's not too hot for leather, and it's not too cold for shorts - so there are so many options. Transitional dressing is just so much fun because you can take a little from summer, and little from winter and mix 'em all together to create a unique outfit. I got these jeans recently and I'm pretty much living in them because they are super comfy and perfect for running around with a baby to the grocery store and other exciting errands. I'm all about the basics, and these have all the qualities of a great basic! Normally I just throw them on with a tee, but I dressed them up a bit here with a knit and a hat. You really can't go wrong with ripped jeans paired with black accents. 

Jacket similar Jeans Aritzia  Shoes Joe Fresh Knit Aritzia Hat Zara

veggie & hummus collard wraps

As a new mom, it can be super tough to find the time to eat healthy - or at all for that matter! Sometimes it's 3pm and I realize that in all the craziness I've forgotten about myself. But these collard wraps are one of my favourite things to prepare in a hurry. It's yummy and super healthy - so I never feel guilty after eating 2 or 3 of them!

After many years of struggling with my weight and seemingly endless health issues, I have come to realize that there is not one diet that works for everyone, and everyone just needs to really listen to their body, and do what works for them. I love this meal because it's vegan and whole food based - so you won't feel heavy or bloated after eating it. I don't always eat vegan though, as I find having so many rules to be just too exhausting. I usually don't do dairy, and I sometimes have meat (but only antibiotic and hormone free!), and I don't eat anything processed -  eating whole foods, and lots of veggies has definitely been the key to health for me.

The great thing about this recipe is also that it is super flexible. You can put whatever you like in it! I like spicy, so I always go for hot banana peppers and spicy hummus. Here it is!

1 collard leaf (stem sliced to flatten for easier wrapping - see second photo)

Hummus (whichever kind you prefer! I like roasted garlic or chipotle best)

Hot Banana Peppers

Avocado (sliced)

Red or Orange Peppers (sliced)

Tomatoes (diced)

Slice the stem of your collard leaf, starting mid-leaf, and continuing towards the end of the stem. This makes it easier to fold the bottom upwards when wrapping. Then cut off the bottom stem of the leaf and load on your toppings. Wrap the sides in first, and then fold up the bottom and voila! Ready to eat.







I'm a big fan of ripped denim. It's just so easy to throw on a pair of fabulous ripped jeans with a tee and a jacket and voila - you're fabulous. Especially now that I've got a baby to take care of, I really need easy to throw on outfits, and this definitely fits the bill.  When we shot this it was actually way too hot for leather - but I'm just SO excited for fall! I love my leather and I miss it in the summer. So now that the weather is cooling down, I'm super pumped to bring out the jackets. Yay for fall.

Jacket similar Jeans similar  Shoes Similar  Tee Aritzia




Because I have a little baby I end up living in fabrics that are easy to clean - you food...etc. It's never ending. These are some of my go to pieces so that I feel comfortable, but nothing looks sloppy and everything is easy to wash. And flats are a must for running around with a baby for sure!

Coat: similar  Sneakers: similar  Jeans: similar  Tank: similar



I'm a big fan of basics. So I've pretty much been living in these shorts all summer while I run around with my little guy. But I just got this hat and it's making me wish for some cooler weather. Anyone else excited for fall?

hat: zara  sweater: similar  boots: similar 



When I started designing prints, it was really to decorate my own home - which is still far from being finished - so I am constantly on the hunt for some new stuff to look good with whatever I'm putting on my wall. Currently I'm craving gold and lucite and geometric shapes, with a little wood and canadiana thrown in there. I also can't get enough plants - I can really never have too many succulents, right? These are just some pieces I put together that I really badly want. I've also thrown in one of my new prints here that has yet to be released. It is coming soon to the etsy store!

01. West Elm  02. CB2  03. Etsy  04. CB2  05. Umbra  06. West Elm  07. Melo & Co.