the shirt dress

I've been searching for the perfect shirt dress - and I finally found it! This dress from Magali Pascal is actually SO amazing. I love the fit and the texture of the fabric, and that you have the option to wear it with or without the tie at the waist...

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Lately I haven't been posting so much on the blog because I've not been feeling very well (being pregnant will do that to you!) It's been kind of brutal actually...

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minimal layers

Layering is an important part of every wardrobe. You want to make sure that you can always mix and match and layer your clothing so that you have endless options! I love these two outfits because they are loose and monochrome, but the different textures, fabrics and shapes really make the outfit what it is. Just because something is comfy and loose, doesn't mean it has to look sloppy...

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how to stay young when you're old

So today I officially turned 30 years old. Awesome. It's that milestone where I'm like, yea, now I'm supposed to be a proper adult. But honestly, are any of us really ever adults? Maybe we're just kids in grown up bodies, trying to figure out what the f&ck we are doing. Anyone else ever feel like that?...

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styling your backpack

In case you missed the memo, backpacks are not just for kids anymore. I love how practical they are and so cute too!! I'll be hauling this babe around all summer, because it's perfect for carrying toddler snacks and diapers and all that stuff you need when you're a mom...

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3 morning rituals for glowing skin

I struggled with my skin for many years. In my early 20's I had such terrible acne that I often didn't want to leave the house or look at my face, and I was just embarassed of it all the time. I tried every cream there was out there, but nothing worked. I was depressend and miserable and I hated my face...

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the happy collection

I've been meaning to do a proper launch of a collection for awhile, but I'm constantly thinking, oh I should add new prints, or maybe these aren't quite right, or I don't have good enough photos. Well, f&ck it. I decided to just do it. It might not be perfection, but isn't imperfection what makes life beautiful? 

This collection is centered around happiness - mostly because I think that people relate to the quest to find their 'happy' place. But we all need reminders, am I right!? Sometimes you're having a bad day and you just need someone to tell you how awesome you are, or to remind you that you need to work at being happy every day, it doesn't just come for free. Happiness is acceptance, it's joy, it's love for life and the imperfections and struggles that it may bring.

With this collection I've introduced some new 11x14" and 8x10" prints, as well as the 'Motivational Mini Set' that comes with 3 5x7" prints that you could easily keep at your desk at work or in your office. I like to tape them to the wall beside my computer so that they are a constant reminder. 

So go out there and by happy you sexy babes, or as my dad would say, 'go get 'em tiger!!!'

And get your piece from The Happy Collection here