styling your backpack

In case you missed the memo, backpacks are not just for kids anymore. I love how practical they are and so cute too!! I'll be hauling this babe around all summer, because it's perfect for carrying toddler snacks and diapers and all that stuff you need when you're a mom...

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3 morning rituals for glowing skin

I struggled with my skin for many years. In my early 20's I had such terrible acne that I often didn't want to leave the house or look at my face, and I was just embarassed of it all the time. I tried every cream there was out there, but nothing worked. I was depressend and miserable and I hated my face...

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the happy collection

I've been meaning to do a proper launch of a collection for awhile, but I'm constantly thinking, oh I should add new prints, or maybe these aren't quite right, or I don't have good enough photos. Well, f&ck it. I decided to just do it. It might not be perfection, but isn't imperfection what makes life beautiful? 

This collection is centered around happiness - mostly because I think that people relate to the quest to find their 'happy' place. But we all need reminders, am I right!? Sometimes you're having a bad day and you just need someone to tell you how awesome you are, or to remind you that you need to work at being happy every day, it doesn't just come for free. Happiness is acceptance, it's joy, it's love for life and the imperfections and struggles that it may bring.

With this collection I've introduced some new 11x14" and 8x10" prints, as well as the 'Motivational Mini Set' that comes with 3 5x7" prints that you could easily keep at your desk at work or in your office. I like to tape them to the wall beside my computer so that they are a constant reminder. 

So go out there and by happy you sexy babes, or as my dad would say, 'go get 'em tiger!!!'

And get your piece from The Happy Collection here


3 things I've learned from motherhood

When I got pregnant I wasn't quite ready to be a mom. I'd never pictured myself as a 'mom' type and I just felt like I had no idea what I'd do with a baby. I was right - I had no idea what to do with a baby! But as moms we have to learn fast, am I right?! And it's not easy to be a mom. I mean, from growing a baby, and then pushing it out (ouch!!!), and then taking care of this little human day and night, feeding him, clothing him, cleaning his's like non-stop. But at the same time it's so rewarding to see them grow and learn and there's no love like the love you have for your baby. They bring so much joy to our lives, and never ever have I regretted becoming a mom (Okay maybe when Hunter is throwing a major tantrum in the middle of the mall I regret it a little..agh!)

So in honour of Mother's Day, I thought I'd share 3 things that I've learned from being a mom. 

Nothing will ever be perfect.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but when it comes to kids, it's just impossible to keep up to make everything perfect. I mean, you can try...but there will always be crayon on the walls and blueberry smoothie on the ceiling, and a screaming baby who refuses to get into his car seat, and clients who have to wait longer than you'd like. Over time I have just conceded that I will never have enough time to do it all, so I accept what I can do right now, and just focus on that. It can be overwhelming, especially when you're a business owner, to try to keep it all together. I've always like to get back to clients super quickly but now my littler person takes priority, and I'm not quite as quick as I used to be, but that's okay - because I'm not super human!

The most joy in life comes from family, not things.

I've always loved to buy stuff, accessories, home decor, clothes - love it!! But when you have a baby, you realize that none of those things will bring you the joy that a little tiny human will bring you. And trust me, I still love things, but at the end of the day, the things aren't really what makes you happy long term, it's only short term satisfaction before you move on to something new. Babies stick around for a whole lot longer than your new pair of pants, and they teach you so much, and it's so much fun to watch them grow. No pair of pants can do that. (at least I hope not! That would be weird.)

You are so much stronger than you believe

It's true. Before you push that tiny human into the world, you didn't realize how much you could actually accomplish. I mean the growing and pushing out of a baby is a pretty miraculous thing in itself. But once that little person arrives, you'll do anything to take care of it, and you'll do things that you previously never thought you could. When Hunter was a few months old, my husband spend a month in the hospital, and I was all alone with a baby that cried constantly unless he had my boob in his mouth. It was not the easiest time in my life. But do you know what I did?! I started to paint in the middle of the night, after he had (finally) gone to bed, because I realized that as a parent, I needed time for myself, and I wanted to start a business so that I could not only support my little one and I, but also fulfill the dreams I'd had in my head for years, but had never had the guts to go after. And here I am now, a mom to the cutest little monster, wife to an amazing dude, and a business owner, with the opportunity to work with brands and on projects that I never thought possible before. Just because you're a mom, doesn't mean you can't go after your dreams!

So here's to you Mamas. This is your day to appreciate yourself and everything you've pushed through (pun intended !!). Because you are an amazing woman and you deserve some love. Happy Mother's Day! 





white layers

Kind of obsessed with this comfy all white look. It may not be practical for mom life, but I just love it anyways! So what, I'll do a little extra laundry...

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montreal travel diary

So this past weekend my hubs and I took our first trip away from the little man since he was born, and it was SO nice to have some time to ourselves. I've been really feeling burnt out, because there just seems to be no down time. I'm always either working or changing diapers and making food and playing with trains... 

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on my desk

We spend a lot of time at our desks. So it's important to have all the beautiful essentials there with you, no?! This is what I've currently got on my desk.

Of course I've got my favourite lip balm from Basalt and this gorgeous new watch from Daniel Wellington. I've also got my bracelets (from Nowhere Anywhere and Minimalist Jewellery) because I always take them off when I sit down to work (they just get in the way when I'm typing!) And some lip colours & Mascara from La Petite Rob Noire to freshen up before I run out the door to pick up Hunter from school or run errands. I've also been using this repair tonic from Nowhere Anywhere during the day to freshen up my skin and keep it from getting dry while I work. The bonus is you look super dewy when you run out of the house after spraying it on. Love it!!