this hip kid.

He doesn't know he's cool. All Hunter knows is that he's hungry constantly and loves to scream and throw grass at mommy. Toddlers can be so crazy, but we love them anyways because they are just SO cute. Especially in adorable tees like this one from Tiny Love Design.

The craziness also makes it super hard to take their photo though. I have so many blurry photos of this kid running. After we took these photos my husband asked me why most of the photos didn't include Hunters face - the reason? Because he keeps running at me so fast that he's too close for me to get his head in the photo! AGH! 

Anyways, I love dressing Hunter in black, white and grey. Not only is it super modern and cute, but he stands out from all the other kids in their crazy colours. So it's easy to spot him at the indoor playground we go to. One problem I find though is that sometimes people are confused about his gender. I do not get this. WHY!? He looks like a boy, no? But it seems that some people think that boys wear blue and girls wear pink, or something like that. The black and white throws them off. Does this happen to other moms, or is it just me? Maybe I need to get him a badass tee that says BOY so that people won't be confused. 


Tee Tiny Love Design Pants Dudes N Dolls

weekend dress.


Okay - so normally having too many good photos isn't a problem for me. Usually we shoot and 98% of the photos are awful. So I pick whichever are useable and move on to the next. This dress is amazing. It shot so beautifully that I had so many good pics it was hard to choose. I'm in love!!

It's super super short on me though because I'm tall, so I'm a little concerned about flashing people. Oops! I just can't wear it on windy days I guess. But the plus side of that is that it makes the legs look super long. And that my friends, is never ever a problem. 

Happy weekend lovelies!


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crop tops are for mamas too.

So for many years I have worn oversized, baggy clothing that covered my belly, because I just wasn't happy with my weight. But after having Hunter, and losing all the baby weight (plus a little extra from cutting out the booze), I finally feel comfortable wearing form fitting clothing again - finally! I'm still not 100% happy with my bod, because let's face it, I don't have time to go to yoga right now to perfect my tummy situation. I'm kind of busy running after a crazy toddler and running a business. But just because we may not have 6-pack abs and the shape of a skinny teenager, doesn't mean us mamas can't wear crop tops too! You can.

What I like about the crop tops this season are that they are cropped mid-rib area, which means that when you wear them with high waisted bottoms, you are showing off the thinnest part of your body, and the best part of the tummy! And it you wear it right, it's sexy without being too much. Know what I mean? This is not the crop top you wore in high school. 

I paired this black tank with a flowy pleated skirt and an amazing watch, for a feminine, but modern take on the crop top. And it's actually super comfy for hot days. But I also regularly wear my crop tops with high waisted denim shorts and jeans for a more casual look. And what's great is the crop will work right into fall - just throw on a leather or jean jacket, maybe even a trench, with some booties and you're transitional outfit is an A+. You win!

Also - how awesome is this watch?! I'm pretty much wearing it everywhere, with everything, everyday. It just makes me feel fancy. So in love!



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toddler tee tiny love design pants dudes n dolls

studio tour.

So it's not so much a studio as it is an office, and the other half of it is actually a guest room - which goes mostly unused, so the bed is normally covered in product. I thought I'd show you the nice half of the room though. ha!

Regularly my office is actually covered in paper because I paint paint paint and lay everything out to dry, and somehow I just end up with piles of paper everywhere. And I mean everywhere, like there wasn't even room to walk before. It was actually scary. Seriously. So, I decided to organize and redecorate a bit to help me get to focusing, because I've been feeling a little crazy as of late.

Things have been super busy, and the business has been picking up speed so quickly that I really need a space where I can focus. Sometimes I feel like I just can't concentrate because there are just SO many things to do, and just never enough time to do it all. Especially when I'm also taking care of a toddler. I often wonder if I was crazy taking on so much, but at the end of the day, I love what I do, and that makes me happy. Even if I'm a little (or a lot) tired and stressed out. But cleaning up my office really reminded me of why I love what I do. I LOVE to make things pretty, and I LOVE to design. I don't love the paperwork and doing finances so much (AGH!), but that just comes with the territory of owning a business I guess. And doing the things that maybe you don't love as much, is much more pleasant in a space you love, right?

So if you are in a bit of a slump, and feeling a little stagnant or unfocused, maybe you need to do a little organizing. Just clean that sh!t up. Get rid of the things in your life that don't serve you. You don't need to keep all that garbage you've got hiding in boxes and in your closet. Just get rid of it, and it really will help to clear your mind so you can focus on what really matters - doing what you love!

Also, on a sidenote, I'm totally obsessed with my new watch by Nicole Vienna. It is SO pretty. I can't get over it. Sometimes you not only have to do what you love, but you need to wear what you love, no? And wearing gorgeous accessories just makes you feel amazing. 

how to wear black in the summer.

Most people tend to flock to florals and colours in the summer, but that's just not for me. I love black all summer. And why not? Then you can take a black tee you wore all summer and layer it up with a jacket for fall/winter. Perfect for multi-season dressing. 

The trick to wearing black in the summer is to choose modern silhouettes, and combine textures so that the outfit doesn't feel too flat. Here I've mixed black faux leather with jersey, cotton, felt and calf hair textures. Silky type of fabrics are perfect in black too, and black vintage wash jean shorts (I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair). Another trick to this is wearing accessories that pop, so it doesn't feel boring. Here I've paired this Nicole Vienna watch with Oak + Fort stacking rings, and a bracelet from Casa de Delia. I love how the gold pops on the black. And it's the perfect way to highlight amazing accessories! 


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july calendar download

Hello July! Summer is officially here, so I hope you are going to be marking down some trips to the beach on your calendar this month. 

Download your calendar here (right click and select download linked file)


summer vibes.

I can't get enough of this top! That's all I have to say really. It's awesome and flirty and comfy and perfect for hot summer weekends with my boys. 


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