new in

My newest accessory is a baby and he may just be the cutest accessory ever, non?! I've been seriously slacking on my blog posts lately, but this is my excuse...

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the coat edit

In the back of my mind I'm starting to think about spring already, but really, it's still freaking cold and winter will be here for awhile, so coats are going to be a big part of my attire for quite awhile yet. I actually have a serious coat problem though this year...

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my uniform

There's something to be said for developing your own personal style and really sticking to it, instead of just following trends. The older I get, the more I realize what I am comfortable in, and what I'm not. I'm a casual girl at heart, and I love nothing more than an oversized sweater with leather pants and a great jacket. Like, if I were a clothing item, I'd be a pair of leather pants...

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nursery tour

When I found out I was pregnant, one of my biggest concerns was where the heck I was going to put this baby! We have a house, but not a large house, and because I also run a business, I knew I was going to have to give up my office for this little human...

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winter whites

Normally in the winter I opt for black, but it's refreshing to wear something different once in awhile, and an all white look is so chic and unexpected in the winter. I won't lie though, I froze my ass off when we shot this because it was like -25 outside with a wind chill...

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new year, same colour

Happy New Year babes!! I've been taking it a bit easier over the holidays, so I haven't been posting too many new blog posts. It's also because I'm SO tired from the pregnancy - only 4 weeks to go!!!

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